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Yo. Leave a message or however this works, I'll talk to you later.
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[We come today to the streets of Saffron City--a bustling cityscape, perhaps the heart of Kanto itself. Or at least one of the lungs, if we're going to include Cealdon too.]

[Look, the Lucario holding the Pokegear is no David Attenboldore, so you'll have to use your imagination on that one. His name is Tyrfing, and he's taken it upon himself to document the anachronism walking the streets chasing after a skittering Kabuto. An anachronism in loose-fitting white clothes, with scruffy blue hair and bright red eyes.]


[A seven-year old anachronism who finally catches up to the Kabuto and scoops it up to hold it at arm's length, tilting his head like he doesn't know what it is or what to do with it. He frowns, tilts it to one side...]

[...and opens a mouth full of too-sharp teeth to bite its shell. Judging by the way he almost immediately dropped the poor scrambling creature in favor of slapping both hands over his mouth, the Kabuto was the one that emerged victorious from that encounter.]

[This episode of Planet Johto concludes with a streak of complaints in a long-dead dialect of what sounded kind of like Irish Gaelic, and a brief flash of an eyerolling Lucario.]

[(responses from [personal profile] puppyofulster as soon as i dust off the journal)]
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Hey. You.

[Leaning his head on one hand with a bored look on his face, Lancer pointed lazily at the Pokegear's camera with the other.]

Yeah, you. If you're listening to this, I wanna hear about what kinda legends and stories your world has. I'm bored out of my damn mind and could use somethin' interesting to talk about.
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[Fumbled with for just a moment, the network was greeted with the mildly distressed growl of a Lucario.. This poor unfortunate creature's name was Tyrfing, and he was in a dire situation. In the background was your average Pokemon Center, with an idiot in a Hawaiian shirt leaning over the counter and smirking at Nurse Joy Sister #241.]

...I'm sorry, what? [Undeterred by the poor woman who was clearly embarrassed on his behalf, Lancer ran a hand through his hair and answered without missing a beat.]

I said, 'do you have any Awakening, because I think I just met the girl of my dreams.'

[This is happening, folks.]

No good? How about 'I think I need a Paralyze Heal, because you are stunning.'

[Meanwhile, if a Lucario could physically make this face, that would be the look Tyrfing currently had.]


When I’m with you, all my cares are Pory-gone. I could Raichu a love song but I'd rather take you on a Magikarp-et ride. Do you know Tail Whip, because you leave me defenseless. You-

[Some people spilled deep secrets when their brain-to-mouth filter broke. Some people were not Cu Chulainn. Finally having enough, Tyrfing gave the camera the most unimpressed look known to Pokemon or mankind, the video moving as he stalked over and dragged his now complaining Trainer out of the building by the back of his shirt.]

[Which was just as well, because the abrupt camera angle change revealed a Chansey directly behind Nurse Joy, with the kind of dead-eyed smile one wore when plotting bloody murder. Is that an Egg Bomb in your pocket or are you just happy to be rid of him?]
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[As midnight of the eleventh drew closer and closer, Lancer had been wide awake and staring intently at the clock. There was nothing unusual outside, not a shadow out of place and nothing wrong with the moon. It had been a foolishly paranoid thought to expect anything else; October eleventh was October eleventh, and would pass like every other day of the year.]

[But that didn't stop him from letting out a held breath as a sigh of relief as 11:59 changed to midnight, and as he checked his Pokegear for the date. October twelfth. Just as it was always going to be.]

[Everything was as normal as this world could possibly be.]


Yo. [The next morning, Lancer switched on his Pokegear with a yawn he didn't waste energy stifling.] Once you beat one set of gym leaders, you get to fight the others with better teams, don't you? Anybody around that wants to tell me what I'm in for with that whole thing?
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And one more makes eight. [Says a grinning Lancer (all sharp canines and trouble), tossing a badge to himself in one hand.] Damn, it's just bad luck to have to go up against me with anything flammable. I almost feel bad about that one. [Almost.]

Now that I'm finished here, maybe I can find more of a challenge in Kanto. Don't think I've spent much time there outside of Celadon--wonder if they remember kickin' me out.

[Shrugging, he pocketed the badge without elaborating on that remark. The video tilted slightly as Lancer moved to shut it off, calling over his shoulder 'YO, YOU WANNA GO ON A ROAD TRIP']
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I don't get it, why's everything gotta have a name for it?

[The slightly crooked video comes from a Pokegear carelessly dropped on what seems to be a bar. Lancer, in all his blinding Hawaiian shirted glory, was the one having spoken.]

Like this one here, what the hell's a 'Kirlia Royale'? Or a 'Seafoam Island Iced Tea'? '

You know there's no tea in a Seafoam Island Iced Tea, don't you? It's only called that because of its resemblance to nonalcoholic iced tea — you'd probably like it, if you can get past the name. Which isn't as bad as you're making it out to be, by the way.

I didn't say it was bad, I was about to say it's just stupid. You don't need dumb names for everything. [IN MY DAY WE DRANK UPHILL BOTH WAYS] Here, hang on a second-- [There was a sudden motion as the Pokegear was jostled in a quick flash of a brightly-colored shirt. Having apparently jumped the bar and waving off the poor bartender with a muttered 'it's fine, ain't like I'm not paying for it', he quickly set himself to mixing some unholy concoction in a glass, which he set in front of Carmen.]

[...Who wisely seemed just a little skeptical as to whether or not she should drink it.]

...Ah, it's a "tip and an apology" kind of night, I see.

[THAT'S CORRECT, CARMEN. Because Lancer is on a mission.] It's fine, ain't like we can't afford it. Look--I invented my own drink.

[That earned him a raised eyebrow, and rightfully so.]

And I get the honor of first taste? Color me flattered. All right, maestro, what do you call this masterpiece of yours?

Who cares what it's called, try it. [Dismissively, he proceeded to make a second one for himself.]

Oh, no, if I'm drinking it, then you're naming it — an equivalent exchange. Now, what do you call it?

Okay, fine. I call it, 'it's got booze in it, so drink it'.

[With that bit of infallible ye olde Irish logic, the video cut out.]

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[It was funny, almost. Funny how numb one got to a certain kind of pain after feeling it for long enough. Maybe she'd be back, maybe she wouldn't. Maybe a lot of people could show up that never did. Maybe it didn't matter.]

[Lancer exhaled a cloud of smoke from the cigarette in his hand, both he and his Houndoom under a sky lit by only the barest traces of sunrise. Under his shirt, he felt the dull and distant ache of the scar from a wound that had nearly cut him in half some months before. Another day, another unfortunate death.]

[Damn, he thought, crushing his cigarette underfoot. I just have no luck with women.]

[Shrugging, he pushed off the wall he'd been leaning against and pulled a bag over his shoulder, leaving in the direction of Route 39 with the black fire-type trailing behind him. As an afterthought, the knight took his Pokegear out of his shirt pocket and typed out a short message.]

Heading for Mahogany. Anyone out in that direction?
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...That guy was crazy.

[Lancer stood outside the Cianwood Pokemon center, gesturing over his shoulder to the gym in the background. It was funny how something like that could sound like a shining compliment of one's character, but the knight in the Hawaiian shirt had a huge smile on his face as he said it. Beside him was a Hitmonchan and a Lucario, the latter of which clearly proved the saying about pets resembling their owners. The former simply raised one hand for a congratulatory fistbump from his trainer, which he of course got.]

We're gonna be headin' to the Safari Zone next, if anybody's in the area. Can't say I've seen anyone I know yet, but I guess it's worth asking. I'm kind of liking it around here; nice place to set up a bonfire, actually.

[This is the face of a man that should never be allowed near fire.]

Oh--yeah, that's right. I found a few new guys in the PC when I got here: couple Bunearys, a pink Quagsire, and somethin' called a Flygon. So if anybody's worried about any of those, they're okay.
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[Lancer had actually kind of liked Shirou, all things considered. Maybe they hadn't met under the best of circumstances, but he'd been a pretty decent kid despite everything. (Lancer didn't really buy into the idea of holding a grudge against your enemies.)]

[Maybe they weren't friends in the strictest definition of the word, but they had always gotten along. There was one four-day loop in that weirdly twisted Fuyuki where he remembered the kid asking about his legend, and talking about it had been a pretty nice way to pass an afternoon.]

[But between the fact that they were just close acquaintances and the fact that he was used to people disappearing, Lancer wasn't too torn up about Shirou Emiya's departure from Johto.]

[It didn't matter, because he knew someone that was.]

[For what it's worth I'm not going anywhere, Arturia.]

[For now...that was certain. Maybe it would change tomorrow, or next week, or next month, but Cu Chulainn wasn't much for thinking that far ahead. He was here today, and because he was here neither Saber nor himself were alone. Now he just had to show her that the Hound of Ulster didn't go down without a fight.]


[It was a shiny Pichu that turned on the Pokegear today, fiddling with it from where it had been discarded on the floor. He seemed content to pull ridiculous faces into the camera for a minute or two, before a woman's voice rang out and sent him hiding under the backpack just barely in frame.]

This is where the real battle begins!

[Lancer--terrible shirt and all--stood beside an exhausted Zweilous, thrown back from the force of their opponent's last attack. Clair threw back her cape with a flourish, the Dragonite beside her scratched up but clearly ready for more. Making sure his own dragon wasn't seriously injured, Lancer called her back and faced the gym leader with a smirk.]

Afraid you're wrong, young lady. You put up a good fight--a damn good fight, the toughest so far. I wasn't going to do this, but I can't afford to lose today. So I'll take that heart of yours-...

[He shook his head, pausing while he tossed his third and final Pokeball to himself.]

--ah, sorry. I used to say that a lot before I did this.

[That smirk immediately turned to a grin that could just about be called 'feral', full of sharp canines and the adrenaline rush of a good battle. The Pokeball was thrown into the air with a blinding light and-]

Gáe Bolg--!

[The floor shook as something large, solid, and entirely metallic landed soundly upon it, with the deafening roar of a Steelix. Frantically trying to hide further under the nearby backpack, the troublemaking Pichu kicked the Gear and cut off the video.]
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I don't know why I ever stopped doing this. [The snowy background today seems to be outside the Ecruteak Gym, with Lancer in a seasonally appropriate oversized jacket--with a secure and comfortable Wartortle poking its head out of the collar. That probably wasn't a standard accessory.] Guess I just got settled in one place too long, y'know?

[As for what 'this' is, Lancer seemed to be tossing a small metallic object to himself in one hand, and that Wartortle was looking awfully pleased with himself.]

But I guess we never did figure out if there was really a point to it, did we? Collect all the badges, nothin' really happens? At least there's some fun to be had out of gettin' them in the first place.

[He shrugged, frowning in what was probably an expression of thought.]

...Guess it'd be annoying if we were just dropped here with nothing interesting to do.
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Yo. We're back in Goldenrod for a little while--long enough to stock up on supplies, all that kind of thing.

[Grinning like an idiot, Lancer offered the camera a small wave.]

Looks like we're gettin' the usual 'sudden egg from nowhere' thing again, huh? [He gestured vaguely over his shoulder, to where a Houndoom was curled up apparently guarding an egg. Shrugging like this wasn't unusual (to him, it really wasn't by now), Lancer brushed the topic aside with that casual mention and moved on.]

...I ain't sure what's wrong, so I thought I'd ask--Avalon's been actin' weird since we were training yesterday. Anybody ever seen anythin' like this before?

[He pointed to the little yellow Swablu perched atop his head; her cheeks were puffed out and she seemed to be shaking--vibrating, really. It was like she was desperately holding something back, waiting for the exact opportune moment.]

Well, anyway...Merry Christmas or whatever you guys like to call i--

[And that seemed to be the key phrase. In a flash of light and explosion of cotton, the tiny two pound bird turned into a long-necked golden forty-five pound monstrosity of fluff.]

[All of which was still directly on Lancer's head, the drastic change knocking him out of frame and flat onto the floor in a long string of pained cursing.]

[Merry Christmas, Lancer!]
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I had to leave Goldenrod kind of suddenly. [A more accurate way to phrase it would be 'you may have seen me hauling ass out of town on a flaming unicorn'.] Nobody start worrying or anything, I'm fine.

[And modest as ever.]

Something important came up, so if anybody needs something from me in person, afraid I'm gonna be a little tough to track down for a while. But I guess that's what we've got a network for, right?
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...So how about we discuss that weird crystal shit? Specifically the part where Tyrfing and everybody else's partners turned into giant murder machines.

I dunno about the rest of you, but that was kind of the weirdest part of that mess for me.

[Lancer is really just a simple person, folks.]
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アタラクシア )


Hey. [Lancer looked exhausted, pushing disheveled and untied hair back out of his eyes--wait, was that blood on his face?]

I'm getting the idea of what's been going on from Tyrfing; ground's still shaking, all that stuff. Anybody figure out what's behind it yet? [The Lucario in question handed Lancer a cup of coffee, which he accepted with a grateful but hesitant smile and a muttered 'thanks'.]

[Sighing, he looked back to the Pokegear. It was probably some measure of paranoia speaking, but he had to know for certain:]

And...look, I know this is gonna sound like I've gone crazy, but can somebody tell me what the date is?
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[DAY ONE; video]

[The only reason the video came on at all was due to the fact that Lancer's Pokegear was being shaken; when the image came into focus viewers would be greeted by DEAR ARCEUS WHY right in their face. Upon realizing the device wasn't going to dispense food, the fluffy creature with the million-yard stare dropped it. At a crooked angle, one could see the disaster scene on the streets of Goldenrod; a few more of the gray catlike Pokemon were going through a backpack of supplies, one hanging out of said bag halfway and another chewing on a Pokeball.]

[And a little beyond that was Lancer, trying to drag himself out from under a large pile of confused Espurrs.]

[DAY TWO; action]

[Okay. So yesterday was weird. He'd really just meant to walk to the department store for supplies and to restock the Breeding Center's kitchen, but apparently the weather (such as it was) didn't really permit that. That was fine, he'd seen weirder. That kind of thing couldn't happen two days in a row, right?]

[Closing the front door behind him, Lancer started walking down the street whistling to himself. So he lived somewhere that occasionally rained demonic cats. Whatever. It really wasn't that ba--]

[It was just around that point in Cu Chulainn's train of thought when he was struck in the face by a flying poodle.]

[DAY THREE; video/action]

[It had taken him three days, several bruises, some minor lacerations, and a lot of bandages, but Lancer made it to the Goldenrod department store. Enough was enough, and on his way back home, he decided to figure out just what was going on around here.]

[He turned on the Pokegear himself this time, video focusing on a slightly battered and annoyed Lancer with bandages wrapped around his head. He opened his mouth to say something-]

[--and that's when the Skiddo stampede came through and ran him over.]

...just kill me once and for all.
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Okay, who started the stupid messages this time?

I swear you're either the most gullible or most stupid bunch ever gathered in one world. One of these days you'll end up spreading an actual curse without realizing it.

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[It's summer in Goldenrod, and that means the flower shops are alive and kicking! Outside of one was a particularly friendly part-time worker in an apron. He smiled cheerfully and spoke to anyone passing by that would put up with him

[With him was an Audino, who had apparently taken the important duty of making daisy chains with the utmost concentration. When one was finished, she offered it to whoever walked out of the store next with a big and infectious smile before going right back to work on another. Audinos, am I right?]


[Sometime in the afternoon, Lancer's Pokegear broadcast a view of the well-kept flower shop display in front of him, with his own dumb smile in the foreground.]

So I picked up a job at this little shop in Goldenrod--it's pretty nice, y'know? Guinevere seems to get a kick out of it, at least. Anybody wants to come by, I'll see if I can get you a good deal on something nice.

[Lancer looked offscreen at the sound of an Audino trying to get his attention; leaning over to pick her up and bring her into frame, she immediately dropped a daisy chain on his head and looked very proud of herself. Having lost any and all semblance of being any thing approaching cool, Lancer tried to stop himself from looking embarrassed.]

Jeez, Gwen, I didn't think I needed one...

[Trying to spare himself anything further, the feed quickly cut out.]
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So there's something I've been thinkin' about lately.

[A bored Lancer sat at a table in the Breeding Center, leaning his head on one hand. Atop his head was a content and fluffy bird, which seemed to have decided that was the best place to take a nap.]

Now, I get it's pretty much accepted fact that people go back home when they up and vanish outta this place. I ain't quite so interested in hearing what people have waiting for them--though if anybody's up for talking, I got plenty of time to listen.

[He shrugged, the yellow Swablu ruffling her feathers at the motion.]

What I really want to know is what people like me think about this place--those of us that got their shit kicked in and died before wakin' up here one morning. Lemme hear what people that ain't got anywhere to return to think of things here. far as an afterlife goes, I think we could do a hell of a lot worse.


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