Jul. 26th, 2015

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I don't get it, why's everything gotta have a name for it?

[The slightly crooked video comes from a Pokegear carelessly dropped on what seems to be a bar. Lancer, in all his blinding Hawaiian shirted glory, was the one having spoken.]

Like this one here, what the hell's a 'Kirlia Royale'? Or a 'Seafoam Island Iced Tea'? '

You know there's no tea in a Seafoam Island Iced Tea, don't you? It's only called that because of its resemblance to nonalcoholic iced tea — you'd probably like it, if you can get past the name. Which isn't as bad as you're making it out to be, by the way.

I didn't say it was bad, I was about to say it's just stupid. You don't need dumb names for everything. [IN MY DAY WE DRANK UPHILL BOTH WAYS] Here, hang on a second-- [There was a sudden motion as the Pokegear was jostled in a quick flash of a brightly-colored shirt. Having apparently jumped the bar and waving off the poor bartender with a muttered 'it's fine, ain't like I'm not paying for it', he quickly set himself to mixing some unholy concoction in a glass, which he set in front of Carmen.]

[...Who wisely seemed just a little skeptical as to whether or not she should drink it.]

...Ah, it's a "tip and an apology" kind of night, I see.

[THAT'S CORRECT, CARMEN. Because Lancer is on a mission.] It's fine, ain't like we can't afford it. Look--I invented my own drink.

[That earned him a raised eyebrow, and rightfully so.]

And I get the honor of first taste? Color me flattered. All right, maestro, what do you call this masterpiece of yours?

Who cares what it's called, try it. [Dismissively, he proceeded to make a second one for himself.]

Oh, no, if I'm drinking it, then you're naming it — an equivalent exchange. Now, what do you call it?

Okay, fine. I call it, 'it's got booze in it, so drink it'.

[With that bit of infallible ye olde Irish logic, the video cut out.]

[joint post with [personal profile] doitrockapella!]


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