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[The time: early afternoon.]

[The place: Goldenrod City.]

[Outside the lovely city's Pokemon Center stood a brightly colored and adorable Chansey mascot. They carried a sign clearly advertising the Breeding Center and foster home: location, operating hours, contact information, and anything else a trainer might possibly need.]

[...Except despite the cheerful costume, whoever was hidden in the mascot outfit seemed to be doing a lot of sulking. In fact, as the day wore on they seemed to be doign more and more of it. Kind of like they were talked into the job in the first place by Saber. Not to mention that Houndoom and Deino playing around nearby seemed awfully familiar...]

[Speaking of which, the latter of those two didn't seem to be looking where she was going; the baby dragon barreled right into the poor costumed mascot, who fell over with some expletives not very fitting of a cute pink Pokemon.]

[And then came the real problem. Chansey, being shaped like an egg, had the very glaring design flaw of being shaped like an egg. Ergo, when the unfortunate costumed victim tried to stand didn't work out.]

[The mascot stopped its pathetic flailing, as if the person inside was either contemplating escape or simply giving up and awaiting sweet death.]

[What followed was the world's most awkward silence before the video (recorded by a highly amused Venomoth) cut out.]


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