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Yeah, that's real goddamned funny, kid.

[We open today, friends, with Lancer's halfhearted bitching to himself. Every so often, he looked at Tyrfing the Lucario walking beside him and sighed.]

Leave me with the red-eyed blue dog. Cute.

[Well, whatever. He had more important things to do now, after all.]

[...Not that any of that mattered, as the video abruptly ended with Lancer tackled by what looked like a blue-painted teenager.]

[The results before the video cut out resembled something like this with an unamused Lucario just sitting down to watch.]
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[goddammit lancer are you drinking again--of course you are]

Connla's runnin' around Johto again--you happen to see a kid with a thick Scottish accept, point him towards the Celadon breeding center.

Course, I'm in Vermillion waitin' to see Saber finish this thing out, but I should probably be back before he gets there.

[He paused to take another drink of god only knew what.]

....oh yeah, and I really hate Gyarados. I mentioned that lately?
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[This video is short and to the point, Lancer standing in front of a bed pretty much covered in eggs.]

...Saber. Where did all of these come from and what are we going to do with them?

[ooc: Egg claiming post if you signed up for Deerling/Ponyta here! Expect Saber to threadjack, she's the responsible one here. Lancer doesn't know what the hell.]
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[Dropped to the ground of Route 34 not far from Goldenrod, the video showed an oddly tilted view of Lancer with his Venomoth at his side, currently facing a group of very angry Krabby.]

[That tends to happen when a trainer provokes the hell out of them looking for a way to challenge his already overleveled Pokemon. Oops.]

C'mon, then. Let's have a little fun. [The insect darted forward, and the next few moments were a rush of motion, snapping claws, fluttering wings, and one Lancer swatting at a few of them with a fishing pole. Until...]


[In a moment, without warning or indication. The atmosphere changed drastically. The wild Krabby that had leapt up to attack the fishing rod wielding Trainer had instead caught half of a blue ponytail in its claw. The air had become tangibly heavy with absolute shock, and everything from the wild Krabby to Lancer himself had fallen uttelrly still save only for the wingbeats of a Venomoth.]

[That signature blue hair was now several inches shorter.]

[And the look on Lancer's face--an absolute look of horrified shock turning to sudden snarling anger--suggested this meant far more than a simple cosmetic change.]

Fragarach, PSYBEAM!

[In response to her Trainer's sudden rage, the sudden psychic distortion in the air was apparently strong enough to knock out the video feed.]
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[For those that knew him both in Johto and in Fuyuki, it was likely obvious that Lancer was not the type to get genuinely angry. And for good reason. With his summoning as Lancer he lost the ability to snap into a warp spasm that would kill hundreds, but the former Servant still made sure to keep his anger in check at all times. He would get annoyed or irritated, but in or out of combat he was a laid-back individual who was nearly impossible to push far enough to send over the edge.]

Who the hell is responsible for this?!

[So when the video broadcast showed the calm and amiable Hound of Ulster snarling like he was ready to kill the next person he saw, it should have been painfully obvious that something was fundamentally wrong. Lancer never snapped that badly, because he knew damn well what kind of stupid things he could do when angry with or without a ríastrad.]

[At this point, however? Controlling his emotions was a distant thought so far in the back of Lancer's mind he'd need a map and binoculars to find it. His expression was the enraged look of a literal one-man army, crimson eyes burning and sharply focused.]

I want answers. Now. [And as he continued in a tone that suggested any answer he heard had damn well better be the right one, the reason for his uncharacteristic anger was made clear:]

What happened to Connla and who do I have to kill to fix it?!

[Gods help anyone that crosses him, because papa wolfhound is pissed.]
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So no one knows what happened that weekend? Seriously? I had the strangest feeling that-... eh, never mind.

[Lancer waved a hand dismissively; his other arm seemed to be holding a familiar Cubone. He knew by now that if somebody's Pokemon was wandering around, that person probably left. Therefore, when Caliburn had basically attached itself to him last week, he knew Saber was more than likely gone. But he kept his mouth shut about it--the kid had already lost Kiritsugu, so this was probably just going to make things worse without the former Servant's lack of tact.]

Guess it doesn't matter. I've had hangovers ending in more than just a lost couple days--still, does that kind of thing happen often around here? Wouldn't put it past a place like this to screw with us like that just for the hell of it.

Either way, Connla and I are probably leaving Cherrygrove soon. Hell if I want to stick around when Gilgamesh is probably dying to put a knife in my back. Kid, where are you and Rin now?
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[The first thing the video showed was a view of the ceiling of a room in Cherrygrove City. But that only lasted a moment or two, as the Pokegear's owner soon picked it up and focused it on himself. Lancer looked as if he'd just walked in from the rainstorm outside, having just changed to civilian clothes and with his considerably long cobalt hair hanging loosely over one shoulder.]

[There was a smile on his face for a change; not an arrogant smirk, not a playfully mocking grin, but a genuine and sincere smile. Which was in itself a particularly rare event. He wasn't entirely happy about how things had played out, but he wouldn't argue with the end result.]

And you all thought I'd have trouble with him. You must not know me very well.

[And for those that knew just what Lancer had set out to do when last he sent a message to the network, they might have be surprised--there was hardly a single scratch on him. As if Gilgamesh hadn't even laid a hand on the other Servant.]

But we should probably get the hell out of town soon as this rain lets up. He's probably going to be out for my blood at any given second as long as we're here. ...As soon as he can actually walk, that is.

[A pause.]

Oh, yeah. Kid, if you're hearing this, I might have something you'll want to see.


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