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[Somewhere between Cherrygrove and Violet, there is a tree.]

[In this tree is a flock of Murkrow--which the Venomoth holding the Pokegear seems to be focusing on before moving back to her trainer. And standing nearby? Lancer, with an unusually serious expression on his face as he stared at the birds in silence.]

['I guard your death.' That was what she had said to him. And it had been true, of course--the Morrígan was more often than not a herald of the end for many warriors of Ireland. Even the greatest one of his era had been no exception.]

[And now, staring at this flock of what must have passed for crows--messengers of the goddess herself--Ulster's hound felt strangely uneasy. When he finally did speak, it was in a serious tone. His words may have sounded like mere superstition, but there was a strange weight to them that made it sound like something much more than that.]

...I've always known ravens as an ill omen. I wonder if the same holds true in Johto.

[Lancer couldn't quite help but wonder: was this a warning that he going to die again? Not that he feared the idea, but he had more important things to do than add a third death to his list.]
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[If you asked Lancer how he thought this day would start, 'swarms of annoying bugs' would not be high on the list.]

Olldóiteán, Liath Macha--!

[The two Pokemon at Lancer's side shot flames in the direction of the gathering Paras and Spinarak; they were small, yes, but the sheer number of them and the way they were acting was concerning.]

[If 'concerning' meant 'why the hell are bugs attacking me'.]

[Lancer twirled the fishing pole in his hand like he would his favored weapon before swinging it out to the side and hitting an unfortunately placed Yanma square in the face. Another flew at him from the side, only to be met with a fist square in the face.]

[...Quite a few of the smaller ones backed off after that little display combined with the HOLY SHIT FIRE his Pokemon were producing. So he had a moment or two before they'd regroup, great. Just great.]

If I find whoever pissed these stupid things off, I'll snap their neck--!

[Someone was not a morning person.]
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Okay, time to admit it. Who's 'Kanra' and why should I care?

[Lancer was on a couch in the Cherrygrove Pokemon Center, an egg sitting beside him. The Servant leaned forward with a mischievous smirk on his face, head resting on his hand.]

You know, Rin, if this is you there are better ways to get my attention. And assuming it isn't, I have to wonder who I've spoken to long enough to get them this interested with me. The alternative being whatever is in this egg will hatch and try to kill me, I think I'll work with the 'secret admirer' assumption for now.


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