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☘ 051; [video; dated the morning of 10/8]

[Cu Chulainn wasn't sure when he'd become aware that something was wrong., that wasn't entirely true. On some level, he'd become aware on October eighth, when 'yesterday' was October eleventh. He'd spent the entire day of the eighth fishing--but he'd also spent the eighth talking to Mitsuzuri at the flower shop. And he'd also spent it talking to Emiya--]

['Lancer, what do you think about the situation right now? Or, why are you still in this world?']

[Well, obviously. Servant Lancer had a Master, therefore he existed. It wasn't 'why' or even 'how' that bothered him. Even if the situation wasn't normal, the Hound of Ulster would do as he pleased. The restarting of the Holy Grail War was of no concern to him.]

['There's no need to hate the enemy.']

[A town full of Servants was a town full of natural opponents, even if they were all living peacefully. The way that Cu Chulainn lived dictated that there was no need to hate someone on the opposite side of things. Long ago, hadn't he fought and killed someone he couldn't have hated if he tried?]

[Yes...and that brought him back to the issue. Someone he couldn't hate was responsible for the endlessly repeating four halcyon days, and Emiya had asked for his help. Only the spear which inverted causality could counter the 'Answerer', Fragarach. A lance which killed its target before it was swung and a sword which canceled its target's attack for a deadly counter.]

[In short, mutually assured destruction.]

[And that, he determined upon waking up, was why there was a deep pain running from his shoulder through his chest as though something had tried to cut him in half.]

[Right. This was Johto--scattered memories were coming back in a rush that gave Lancer a terrible headache. But headache or no, he was alive. Again. Beside him was a Lucario, growling in what sounded like a litany of complaints.]

...I hear you, I hear you, I'm sorry. Thanks for taking care of things--I'll make it up to you, okay?

[That pain from a legendary blade turned a lot sharper as he cautiously sat up. It looked like his left arm would be pretty useless for a while, but luckily it didn't seem to be actively bleeding. Lancer noted he'd be in a hell of a lot of trouble with a wound like that on a human body.]

[But for now, there were other things to see to. Listening carefully to his Lucario recounting events of the past week, the former Servant reached for his Pokegear.]


Hey. [Lancer looked exhausted, pushing disheveled and untied hair back out of his eyes--wait, was that blood on his face?]

I'm getting the idea of what's been going on from Tyrfing; ground's still shaking, all that stuff. Anybody figure out what's behind it yet? [The Lucario in question handed Lancer a cup of coffee, which he accepted with a grateful but hesitant smile and a muttered 'thanks'.]

[Sighing, he looked back to the Pokegear. It was probably some measure of paranoia speaking, but he had to know for certain:]

And...look, I know this is gonna sound like I've gone crazy, but can somebody tell me what the date is?

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