solas_ion: (you were lock jawed in your ways)
2015-09-03 03:03 pm

☘ 059; [video]

And one more makes eight. [Says a grinning Lancer (all sharp canines and trouble), tossing a badge to himself in one hand.] Damn, it's just bad luck to have to go up against me with anything flammable. I almost feel bad about that one. [Almost.]

Now that I'm finished here, maybe I can find more of a challenge in Kanto. Don't think I've spent much time there outside of Celadon--wonder if they remember kickin' me out.

[Shrugging, he pocketed the badge without elaborating on that remark. The video tilted slightly as Lancer moved to shut it off, calling over his shoulder 'YO, YOU WANNA GO ON A ROAD TRIP']