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So are we just not gonna talk about how the apparent end of the world got called off at the last minute?


No? No. Okay, whatever.

[Shrugging his shoulders, Lancer dismissed the thought and moved on to the next subject.]

Y'know, yesterday marked two years I've been here? And it's not really something I ever gave much thought to, but...hell, two years is a long time when you're not constantly fighting. I'm still not sure how you humans deal with a life this boring, but I guess it ain't all that bad. That's two years I shouldn't even have been alive for, so complaining would be pretty stupid even for me.

[He laughed, a rough but not unfriendly sound that sounded almost like barking.]

I guess what I'm kinda drivin' at here is...I've seen a lot of people come and go--people I gave a damn about, and I'd be a liar if I said I don't miss the hell out of them. But I'm pretty grateful I got the chance t' meet anyone here in the first place.

[As if he'd just realized the sentimental nonsense he was saying, Lancer paused somewhat awkwardly.]

...Hell, I must sound like I've finally lost it. Maybe I have. Doesn't matter, I guess. Listen, I ain't really sure where I'll be around the 13th, but if anybody wants to meet me for a drink around then or anytime, really let me know.

[It seemed he wasn't going to elaborate on why the 13th specifically; even if he was, it was right about then a Houndoom came poking her nose in his face demanding attention. Scratching her lightly behind the ears, Lancer stopped the video without another word.]
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[Here we have one Lancer, still very obviously sporting red and gold streaks in his hair and a nasty set of fangs.]

Got a question for ya. The number of times I've been chucked out Celadon Gym's window kind of suggests to me I might've lost my touch when it comes to women.

So how does that kind of thing work where you're all from? I mean, assuming there was a specific one in mind you were thinkin' of. And also assuming they're the kinda girl who probably shouldn't even be lookin' at you twice. What's the phrase...'out of your league'?

Basically, how d'you talk to a girl like that without gettin' tossed out a damn window?


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