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Hey, Saber. You work too hard, y'know that?

I'm coming by in five minutes and we're gonna go fishing.


Even if I have to pick you up and carry you. Actually, I might not mind too much if I had to do that. [Shrug.] I'll even treat you to dinner if you want.

[Lancer. Lancer you're an idiot. This isn't how you ask women out on a date.]
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[Daytime; action; everywhere]

[Today in various places around the world is a Lancer in armor and with a lance. Wherever you are, he'll be appearing out of thin air--yes, literally.]

[The question is, where exactly is he? Behind you at ground level? On top of a streetlight? Standing on the edge of the Goldenrod City Department Store's roof? Wherever he is, he'll have the same mischievous grin on his face. Man, it was good to be back to normal.]

[Evening; video; any given bar anywhere]

Hah--! Man, imagine running into someone like you. My luck must be changing. [Says the grinning idiot in blue that seems to be going through alcohol like it's water. Beside him is another knight in black and green armor, this one a little quieter than the loudmouth Hound of Ulster.]

I'm still really not sure how I arrived at all, prince of light-- [Never mind that he looks embarrassed just to be in the other Lancer's presence for some reason. Weird.]

You worry too much. You're here, so lighten up and have a little fun for once. And quit callin' me that.

[With a special appearance from Zero Lancer/[ profile] croibhristeoir~ One or both of them will answer responses to the latter, depending on situations.]
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File this under 'Reasons Nao Needs To Stop Reading The Mythology'. Figured I'd throw it here just because...because shush. /)_(\ /flees

ford of the forked branch )


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