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[Daytime; action; everywhere]

[Today in various places around the world is a Lancer in armor and with a lance. Wherever you are, he'll be appearing out of thin air--yes, literally.]

[The question is, where exactly is he? Behind you at ground level? On top of a streetlight? Standing on the edge of the Goldenrod City Department Store's roof? Wherever he is, he'll have the same mischievous grin on his face. Man, it was good to be back to normal.]

[Evening; video; any given bar anywhere]

Hah--! Man, imagine running into someone like you. My luck must be changing. [Says the grinning idiot in blue that seems to be going through alcohol like it's water. Beside him is another knight in black and green armor, this one a little quieter than the loudmouth Hound of Ulster.]

I'm still really not sure how I arrived at all, prince of light-- [Never mind that he looks embarrassed just to be in the other Lancer's presence for some reason. Weird.]

You worry too much. You're here, so lighten up and have a little fun for once. And quit callin' me that.

[With a special appearance from Zero Lancer/[ profile] croibhristeoir~ One or both of them will answer responses to the latter, depending on situations.]
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[Lancer seemed to be in an infinitely better mood than when he last broadcast from his own Pokegear; being in the company of someone like Saber that actually put up with him was a wonderful remedy for loneliness.]

[Not that he was lonely. Lancer would have sworn otherwise to his dying breath. One hand idly petting the Tauros walking at his side, he spoke with a casual grin on his face.]

Yo. I got a question for you guys--see, my fight at the Azalea gym got a little out of hand.

[It would forever be known as The Incident, of which there was no record past Lancer's second badge. But this was the guy that called a berserk rage that wiped out half an army 'a rough day', so 'out of hand' was clearly A Big Deal. He was still replacing the parts of his inventory that had gotten incinerated.]

So I figured I might as well know what I was getting into for once--what can you guys tell me about the leader here in Goldenrod?

[You know what they say about 'speak of the devil', Lancer? Did they have that in ancient Ireland?]

Ohmigawd! [As Lancer and his Tauros pass by the aforementioned Goldenrod City Gym, a girl practically leaps out of nowhere--her eyes may or may not have been replaced with comically oversized pink hearts.]


Ohmigawd I never get to see a guy as good looking as you around here! [Or she's just conveniently forgotten the hundreds of fangirl bait challengers that have gone through her gym in the past. Before our grinning idiot's ego could inflate any further, he's interrupted by the girl being distracted by OOH SHINY.] You have to tell me how you get your hair that nice!

Well, I- [You know that ponytail of yours, Lancer? This mysteriously unbalanced girl is now taking hold of it and dragging you offscreen.] Ow--ow! Hey, what the hell do you--ow, knock it off!

[Left onscreen is a mildly confused Tauros just watching this in silence. Whitney's squealing and Lancer's cursing in what sounds like a foreign language can be heard offscreen until the Pokegear shuts off.]

[Good luck getting responses. He's kind of busy.]

[Video; roughly half an hour later:]

...Y'know, there's a story in my country now about a knight that literally couldn't keep women off of him. Some kinda curse or something.

But somehow I doubt one ever pounced on him, dragged him off, and refused to let go of him until she'd brushed and braided his hair.

Who the hell was that girl and what just happened?


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