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[This video is short and to the point, Lancer standing in front of a bed pretty much covered in eggs.]

...Saber. Where did all of these come from and what are we going to do with them?

[ooc: Egg claiming post if you signed up for Deerling/Ponyta here! Expect Saber to threadjack, she's the responsible one here. Lancer doesn't know what the hell.]
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Hey, Johto. Kanto. Wherever the hell we are, I dunno at this point.

[Oh sweet jesus he's drunk again.]

I don't--don't get it. How come she can just...just...well look at her!

['Her' being Saber. Who is simply sitting in front of several empty glasses with her usual completely calm look on her face.]

You are being ridiculous, Lancer. Is your country not famed for being able to hold their own in a contest of drinking? How shameful for them to be represented by such a spectacle.

Hey. Hey. Don' talk shit about Ireland. I'll fight all three a' you an' win.

There is only one of me.

Now that ain't true and y'know it. What about...uh...whassername. The other one in the red with the really nice rack.

Lancer, you are making a fool out of yourself.

No, really, have you seen her? Could prolly balance a damned bottle on those things.

And you believe that I could not?!

Whatever, whatever, I was sayin' something wasn't I? Oh yeah. Hey Johto or wherever th' hell we are. How come she's like...half my size an' not even drunk yet. Does...does she store it all in that one little bit a' hair stickin' out of her head? Seriously, I think it's alive. It keeps movin' like it's alive or somethin'. If it is I bet it's just there t' make her look taller. Needs all the help she can get.

Cease with this slander--!

[That blue blur is a Saber diving to tackle Lancer and get the Pokegear away from him, and Lancer holding it out of her reach with his free hand on her head to hold her back.]

[Just another day in Goldenrod, folks.]


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