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Yeah, that's real goddamned funny, kid.

[We open today, friends, with Lancer's halfhearted bitching to himself. Every so often, he looked at Tyrfing the Lucario walking beside him and sighed.]

Leave me with the red-eyed blue dog. Cute.

[Well, whatever. He had more important things to do now, after all.]

[...Not that any of that mattered, as the video abruptly ended with Lancer tackled by what looked like a blue-painted teenager.]

[The results before the video cut out resembled something like this with an unamused Lucario just sitting down to watch.]
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[Lancer looks a little different today. Well, a lot different. He's in a simple suit with a lazily done-up tie, and his hair is apparently a scruffy mess.]

So it's been a while since I got kicked out of the gym here. And the chick in the kimono seemed pretty intent on never lettin' me back in... But I figure I can get in like this, challenge her, set everything on fire, and get out before she realizes I'm the same guy. Easy enough.

I'm just gonna take Liath Macha, Dub Sainglend, and Olldóiteán--wait out here, Scathach.

[The camera shook slightly, like the dragon holding it in her mouth just nodded.]

Right, gimme like fifteen minutes. [He walked into the gym, and there was a pause--two or three minutes, and then there was an amount of noise that suggested all was not quite well.]

What--hey, wait a second-...waitwaitwaitwait can't we talk about this--?!

[The sound of a Jumpluff cut him off, followed by one scruffy Lancer chucked out the nearest open window to land right in front of his Deino and the still-running Pokegear.]

...I hate this city.


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