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[Today's challenger to the Violet Gym seemed to be taking things a little too seriously--not many Trainers wore armor, presumably. But Lancer was of course not most trainers. He was a little less 'normal' than most even on a good day.]

a reminder of myself in those long forgotten days )

[The battle started in a burst of flame and a flurry of wings...but it didn't last long. Soon enough, the camera cut out and came back on some time later in the Pokemon Center--Lancer flashed the Zephyr Badge at the camera with an arrogant grin.]

Still up for that match, Kiritsugu?

[The Ponyta stuck her head into frame, seemingly wondering just what this shiny thing was.]

...oh, and Rider, did you lose this little horse? I found her wandering around this morning.
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[Lancer probably looked a little worse for wear today; he was more than a little bruised, with bandages covering the worst of countless scrapes and scratches as well as what looked like a splint on his right arm. Despite that, he seemed to be in pretty high spirits--that fight six days ago had been a rematch he'd wanted for a very long time.]

Heh--it's about time I had a good fight around here. [A Houndour walked onscreen and sat down next to him with a yawn, regarding her trainer with a 'what an idiot' sort of look.] Hope nobody in Violet minded that wake-up call a few days ago.

[This is not the face of someone that's going to make any apologies for his crazy offspring.]

Now that we've settled that for now, what else do you humans usually do for fun these days?


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