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[anon text; locked to Saber]

Meet me outside the Pokemon Center in one hour. I'll make sure your expectations for today don't go to waste.


[A little while later, Lancer would be sitting on the roof of the Celadon Pokemon Center, mostly out of sight. Lying next to him was a fishing rod, and on the end of the line was a box wrapped in blue and tied with a silver ribbon.]

[All he had to do now was wait for the right person to walk by.]
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[As Cu Chulainn awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed into who the fuck even knows.]

[At first, it was hard to notice anything was different at all. He felt like a mess, sure. But he'd attributed that to coming down with a cold--that was something humans did, right? Totally normal, whatever. kinda felt like there was something sticking out of his mouth. And...wait, did his fingernails always look like claws? No, no indeed they did not.]

[Finding a mirror taught Lancer three things. One: his already sharp canines were now fangs about an inch long. Two, his hair was now three different colors. And three, something was very not right here.]



[The result is this: broadcast across Johto is one noticeably fanged Lancer with tri-colored hair. He's moved from 'shock' to 'annoyance', resting his head on one clawed hand.]

Yeah, so this? Isn't funny. I already felt like a goddamn truck hit me, I don't see why someone's out to make me that misera--

[And then he sneezed. Fire, to be exact. A small flame that dissipated quickly, but a flame nonetheless. Lancer paused at that, and the smirk that worked its way across his face was only made more devilish by the obvious fangs sticking out of his mouth.]

...but that, I could get used to.
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[Woah, that sure was a chaotic video feed. The quick flashes of the sky, ground, buildings, and a Venomoth's wings seemed to suggest the Pokegear had been tossed through the air before being caught by said Pokemon. Strange, really.]

[Until you see the blur of blue-haired Lancer in an offensively loud shirt being tossed out after it and landing on the ground with a thud. Or was that a 'crack'?]

So I take it...that's a no on the date...? Oh shit I think she broke something. Goddamned Jumpluff...

[Yes, Cu Chulainn just got physically thrown out of a window in the Celadon Gym by a cotton-waving fluffball.]

[The pride of Ulster, ladies and gentlemen.]


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