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[In Cherrygrove and on the network today, there is something not quite normal.]

[Lancer in armor? Eh, not so weird. but Lancer in armor holding a spear rather than a fishing pole? That was unusual. And those of you in the area that are sensitive to magic and the like? All signs point to there being an individual very far above the level of humans standing where Lancer is right about now.


[A smirk spread across his face, the kind worn by one with absolute confidence.]

So who wants to take me on and see if they can live through it? Come on, let's hear it--I've waited this long for a decent sparring match, don't keep me waiting longer!

[The smirk turned to a grin, excitement written all over his face.]

Who in Johto wants to fight Cu Chulainn at full strength?!

[As the humans of this era say: COME AT ME BRO.]
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Okay, time to admit it. Who's 'Kanra' and why should I care?

[Lancer was on a couch in the Cherrygrove Pokemon Center, an egg sitting beside him. The Servant leaned forward with a mischievous smirk on his face, head resting on his hand.]

You know, Rin, if this is you there are better ways to get my attention. And assuming it isn't, I have to wonder who I've spoken to long enough to get them this interested with me. The alternative being whatever is in this egg will hatch and try to kill me, I think I'll work with the 'secret admirer' assumption for now.


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