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Yeah, that's real goddamned funny, kid.

[We open today, friends, with Lancer's halfhearted bitching to himself. Every so often, he looked at Tyrfing the Lucario walking beside him and sighed.]

Leave me with the red-eyed blue dog. Cute.

[Well, whatever. He had more important things to do now, after all.]

[...Not that any of that mattered, as the video abruptly ended with Lancer tackled by what looked like a blue-painted teenager.]

[The results before the video cut out resembled something like this with an unamused Lucario just sitting down to watch.]
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[If you asked Lancer how he thought this day would start, 'swarms of annoying bugs' would not be high on the list.]

Olldóiteán, Liath Macha--!

[The two Pokemon at Lancer's side shot flames in the direction of the gathering Paras and Spinarak; they were small, yes, but the sheer number of them and the way they were acting was concerning.]

[If 'concerning' meant 'why the hell are bugs attacking me'.]

[Lancer twirled the fishing pole in his hand like he would his favored weapon before swinging it out to the side and hitting an unfortunately placed Yanma square in the face. Another flew at him from the side, only to be met with a fist square in the face.]

[...Quite a few of the smaller ones backed off after that little display combined with the HOLY SHIT FIRE his Pokemon were producing. So he had a moment or two before they'd regroup, great. Just great.]

If I find whoever pissed these stupid things off, I'll snap their neck--!

[Someone was not a morning person.]


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