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[Daytime; action; everywhere]

[Today in various places around the world is a Lancer in armor and with a lance. Wherever you are, he'll be appearing out of thin air--yes, literally.]

[The question is, where exactly is he? Behind you at ground level? On top of a streetlight? Standing on the edge of the Goldenrod City Department Store's roof? Wherever he is, he'll have the same mischievous grin on his face. Man, it was good to be back to normal.]

[Evening; video; any given bar anywhere]

Hah--! Man, imagine running into someone like you. My luck must be changing. [Says the grinning idiot in blue that seems to be going through alcohol like it's water. Beside him is another knight in black and green armor, this one a little quieter than the loudmouth Hound of Ulster.]

I'm still really not sure how I arrived at all, prince of light-- [Never mind that he looks embarrassed just to be in the other Lancer's presence for some reason. Weird.]

You worry too much. You're here, so lighten up and have a little fun for once. And quit callin' me that.

[With a special appearance from Zero Lancer/[ profile] croibhristeoir~ One or both of them will answer responses to the latter, depending on situations.]
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[In Cherrygrove and on the network today, there is something not quite normal.]

[Lancer in armor? Eh, not so weird. but Lancer in armor holding a spear rather than a fishing pole? That was unusual. And those of you in the area that are sensitive to magic and the like? All signs point to there being an individual very far above the level of humans standing where Lancer is right about now.


[A smirk spread across his face, the kind worn by one with absolute confidence.]

So who wants to take me on and see if they can live through it? Come on, let's hear it--I've waited this long for a decent sparring match, don't keep me waiting longer!

[The smirk turned to a grin, excitement written all over his face.]

Who in Johto wants to fight Cu Chulainn at full strength?!

[As the humans of this era say: COME AT ME BRO.]
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[The first thing the video showed was a view of the ceiling of a room in Cherrygrove City. But that only lasted a moment or two, as the Pokegear's owner soon picked it up and focused it on himself. Lancer looked as if he'd just walked in from the rainstorm outside, having just changed to civilian clothes and with his considerably long cobalt hair hanging loosely over one shoulder.]

[There was a smile on his face for a change; not an arrogant smirk, not a playfully mocking grin, but a genuine and sincere smile. Which was in itself a particularly rare event. He wasn't entirely happy about how things had played out, but he wouldn't argue with the end result.]

And you all thought I'd have trouble with him. You must not know me very well.

[And for those that knew just what Lancer had set out to do when last he sent a message to the network, they might have be surprised--there was hardly a single scratch on him. As if Gilgamesh hadn't even laid a hand on the other Servant.]

But we should probably get the hell out of town soon as this rain lets up. He's probably going to be out for my blood at any given second as long as we're here. ...As soon as he can actually walk, that is.

[A pause.]

Oh, yeah. Kid, if you're hearing this, I might have something you'll want to see.
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You know what? I take back everything bad I ever said about this place.

[Lancer is in a very good mood today, Johto. Even if the smile on his face is less of joy and more of bloodlust. Bit creepy, really...but damn is he ever thrilled about something.]

Because I may have just gotten one of the best chances I'll ever get around here. And to all of you that know what I'm talking about; I'm leaving Violet. Neither of us have any weapons, and there's no one better than me in a hand-to-hand fight.

Basically? He's mine this time, and you all know he has it coming.

[As Lancer moved to shut off the Pokegear, he glanced over his shoulder with a smirk.]

Connla. We've got some traveling to do.

[ooc: replies may come from [ profile] riastrad_ridire because i seem to have come across a pile of icons :|b]
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[As it turns out, there is a bar in Violet City. Which, tonight, is inhabited by a famed heroic spirit of myth--]


[--who currently has his only son in a headlock.]

Something wrong, kid? C'mon, don't tell me you can't get out of this!

[The resulting scuffle seems to have knocked his Pokegear out of his bag--and as Lancer's E-rank luck dictates, of course it will turn on and record this to embarrass the hell out of him. Meanwhile, the rather hesitant NPC bartender carefully hinted that hey, maybe Lancer should ease up on the getting drunk. Judging by the mostly-empty bottle of alcohol nearby, he was probably right.]

[With his free hand--the one which lacked a flailing teenager--Lancer pointed at the poor bastard with a look of absolute seriousness on his face. Which probably made the situation seem even more ludicrous.]

Hey. HEY. Nobody tells the Hound of Ulster when he's drunk. Back home that'd have gotten you a lance to the chest. And you don't want a cursed lance to the chest.

[A pause--he immediately seemed to forget about the ~horrible offense~ the bartender had committed by suggesting Lancer was drunk.]

...Man, I miss that lance. [He addressed the still-flailing Connla, headlock more of an awkward one-armed hug now.] Your aunt Scathach is gonna kick my ass if she ever finds out I lost it.

[The video timed out shortly after, Lancer's miserable fortune seemingly in full swing even if nothing else was. Drop a few more hints about your identity, why don't you?]

[ooc: IC responses will be delayed by a few hours. Drunk Lancer is quite drunk.]
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[Lancer probably looked a little worse for wear today; he was more than a little bruised, with bandages covering the worst of countless scrapes and scratches as well as what looked like a splint on his right arm. Despite that, he seemed to be in pretty high spirits--that fight six days ago had been a rematch he'd wanted for a very long time.]

Heh--it's about time I had a good fight around here. [A Houndour walked onscreen and sat down next to him with a yawn, regarding her trainer with a 'what an idiot' sort of look.] Hope nobody in Violet minded that wake-up call a few days ago.

[This is not the face of someone that's going to make any apologies for his crazy offspring.]

Now that we've settled that for now, what else do you humans usually do for fun these days?


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