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...Something's wrong- [Through the static, it's very possible to see Lancer holding a shell with a trembling Squirtle withdrawn into it.] -and I don't mean the weather.

Am I the only one feeling the ground shake? And what the hell...did anyone else see any sign of that thing that last girl on the network was talking about?

Somethin's going on. I might not have a damn bit of magic anymore, but you can't get rid of instinct--I'm telling you, this place is gearing up for some serious shit.
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[As Cu Chulainn awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed into who the fuck even knows.]

[At first, it was hard to notice anything was different at all. He felt like a mess, sure. But he'd attributed that to coming down with a cold--that was something humans did, right? Totally normal, whatever. kinda felt like there was something sticking out of his mouth. And...wait, did his fingernails always look like claws? No, no indeed they did not.]

[Finding a mirror taught Lancer three things. One: his already sharp canines were now fangs about an inch long. Two, his hair was now three different colors. And three, something was very not right here.]



[The result is this: broadcast across Johto is one noticeably fanged Lancer with tri-colored hair. He's moved from 'shock' to 'annoyance', resting his head on one clawed hand.]

Yeah, so this? Isn't funny. I already felt like a goddamn truck hit me, I don't see why someone's out to make me that misera--

[And then he sneezed. Fire, to be exact. A small flame that dissipated quickly, but a flame nonetheless. Lancer paused at that, and the smirk that worked its way across his face was only made more devilish by the obvious fangs sticking out of his mouth.]

...but that, I could get used to.
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[Dropped to the ground of Route 34 not far from Goldenrod, the video showed an oddly tilted view of Lancer with his Venomoth at his side, currently facing a group of very angry Krabby.]

[That tends to happen when a trainer provokes the hell out of them looking for a way to challenge his already overleveled Pokemon. Oops.]

C'mon, then. Let's have a little fun. [The insect darted forward, and the next few moments were a rush of motion, snapping claws, fluttering wings, and one Lancer swatting at a few of them with a fishing pole. Until...]


[In a moment, without warning or indication. The atmosphere changed drastically. The wild Krabby that had leapt up to attack the fishing rod wielding Trainer had instead caught half of a blue ponytail in its claw. The air had become tangibly heavy with absolute shock, and everything from the wild Krabby to Lancer himself had fallen uttelrly still save only for the wingbeats of a Venomoth.]

[That signature blue hair was now several inches shorter.]

[And the look on Lancer's face--an absolute look of horrified shock turning to sudden snarling anger--suggested this meant far more than a simple cosmetic change.]

Fragarach, PSYBEAM!

[In response to her Trainer's sudden rage, the sudden psychic distortion in the air was apparently strong enough to knock out the video feed.]


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