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[Lancer seemed to be in an infinitely better mood than when he last broadcast from his own Pokegear; being in the company of someone like Saber that actually put up with him was a wonderful remedy for loneliness.]

[Not that he was lonely. Lancer would have sworn otherwise to his dying breath. One hand idly petting the Tauros walking at his side, he spoke with a casual grin on his face.]

Yo. I got a question for you guys--see, my fight at the Azalea gym got a little out of hand.

[It would forever be known as The Incident, of which there was no record past Lancer's second badge. But this was the guy that called a berserk rage that wiped out half an army 'a rough day', so 'out of hand' was clearly A Big Deal. He was still replacing the parts of his inventory that had gotten incinerated.]

So I figured I might as well know what I was getting into for once--what can you guys tell me about the leader here in Goldenrod?

[You know what they say about 'speak of the devil', Lancer? Did they have that in ancient Ireland?]

Ohmigawd! [As Lancer and his Tauros pass by the aforementioned Goldenrod City Gym, a girl practically leaps out of nowhere--her eyes may or may not have been replaced with comically oversized pink hearts.]


Ohmigawd I never get to see a guy as good looking as you around here! [Or she's just conveniently forgotten the hundreds of fangirl bait challengers that have gone through her gym in the past. Before our grinning idiot's ego could inflate any further, he's interrupted by the girl being distracted by OOH SHINY.] You have to tell me how you get your hair that nice!

Well, I- [You know that ponytail of yours, Lancer? This mysteriously unbalanced girl is now taking hold of it and dragging you offscreen.] Ow--ow! Hey, what the hell do you--ow, knock it off!

[Left onscreen is a mildly confused Tauros just watching this in silence. Whitney's squealing and Lancer's cursing in what sounds like a foreign language can be heard offscreen until the Pokegear shuts off.]

[Good luck getting responses. He's kind of busy.]

[Video; roughly half an hour later:]

...Y'know, there's a story in my country now about a knight that literally couldn't keep women off of him. Some kinda curse or something.

But somehow I doubt one ever pounced on him, dragged him off, and refused to let go of him until she'd brushed and braided his hair.

Who the hell was that girl and what just happened?
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pain that never left with no reprieve )


[The hovering camera focused on the back of a figure in black, dark blue hair swaying faintly in the occasional breeze as he walked about five feet in front of the camera. He stood straight and proud as ever; his current emotions aside, he would never allow himself to appear any other way.]

[The concerned buzzing of a Venomoth and the beat of its wings the only indicator of who held the Pokegear, anyone fluent in its language might have been able to tell the insect was saying 'Something's wrong.']

[And of course something was wrong; Lancer seemingly refused to face the camera, assuming he knew it was on.]

Fragarach. Turn that off--knew I shouldn't have told you how to use it.

[And thirdly, there was no emotion in his voice. Bright, cheerful, charismatic Lancer spoke in a near-total deadpan tone. When the Venomoth buzzed in response, Lancer sighed. Hands in his pockets, he still refused to look back at Fragarach and the camera she held. But when he spoke again, it was a little louder--as if Lancer was adressing someone watching rather than his Venomoth.]

What did I tell you, kid? [Calm, dismissive. The flat tone had faded somewhat, the former Servant's voice steady as ever with an added note of 'I told you so'.]

[He stopped walking, standing tall on an empty road. Aside from the Venomoth holding the camera, Servant Lancer was completely alone on the route he currently walked. No Olldóiteán, no Liath Macha or Dub Sainglend...and no sign of Connla.]

[He had always expected this day to come. How many had Cu Chulainn lost? His brother Ferdiad, dead by Lancer's own hand. Scathach, the teacher that had been so dear to his heart, separated from the mortal world and doomed to a fate unknown to him. His dearest and only love Emer, dead for at least two milennia now.]

[And now his only son, lost to him once through a misunderstanding and Lancer's own surely lost forever through no more than the whim of an extradimensional reality.]

Good luck never lasts.

[Johto had been as good as paradise to him and better. So if he was to continue losing all that mattered...that was fine. Even though it ached more than his own lance had when it cut through his heart, it was alright. Servant Lancer would simply go back to doing what he always had, and be a guard against whoever or whatever would threaten this place that was to be his homeland. So that those who were happy in this place could stay that way.]

[The Hound of Ulster would remain a proud Knight of the Red Branch until such time when this place would send him to his third and final end.]
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[For those that knew him both in Johto and in Fuyuki, it was likely obvious that Lancer was not the type to get genuinely angry. And for good reason. With his summoning as Lancer he lost the ability to snap into a warp spasm that would kill hundreds, but the former Servant still made sure to keep his anger in check at all times. He would get annoyed or irritated, but in or out of combat he was a laid-back individual who was nearly impossible to push far enough to send over the edge.]

Who the hell is responsible for this?!

[So when the video broadcast showed the calm and amiable Hound of Ulster snarling like he was ready to kill the next person he saw, it should have been painfully obvious that something was fundamentally wrong. Lancer never snapped that badly, because he knew damn well what kind of stupid things he could do when angry with or without a ríastrad.]

[At this point, however? Controlling his emotions was a distant thought so far in the back of Lancer's mind he'd need a map and binoculars to find it. His expression was the enraged look of a literal one-man army, crimson eyes burning and sharply focused.]

I want answers. Now. [And as he continued in a tone that suggested any answer he heard had damn well better be the right one, the reason for his uncharacteristic anger was made clear:]

What happened to Connla and who do I have to kill to fix it?!

[Gods help anyone that crosses him, because papa wolfhound is pissed.]
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[Somewhere between Cherrygrove and Violet, there is a tree.]

[In this tree is a flock of Murkrow--which the Venomoth holding the Pokegear seems to be focusing on before moving back to her trainer. And standing nearby? Lancer, with an unusually serious expression on his face as he stared at the birds in silence.]

['I guard your death.' That was what she had said to him. And it had been true, of course--the Morrígan was more often than not a herald of the end for many warriors of Ireland. Even the greatest one of his era had been no exception.]

[And now, staring at this flock of what must have passed for crows--messengers of the goddess herself--Ulster's hound felt strangely uneasy. When he finally did speak, it was in a serious tone. His words may have sounded like mere superstition, but there was a strange weight to them that made it sound like something much more than that.]

...I've always known ravens as an ill omen. I wonder if the same holds true in Johto.

[Lancer couldn't quite help but wonder: was this a warning that he going to die again? Not that he feared the idea, but he had more important things to do than add a third death to his list.]
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So no one knows what happened that weekend? Seriously? I had the strangest feeling that-... eh, never mind.

[Lancer waved a hand dismissively; his other arm seemed to be holding a familiar Cubone. He knew by now that if somebody's Pokemon was wandering around, that person probably left. Therefore, when Caliburn had basically attached itself to him last week, he knew Saber was more than likely gone. But he kept his mouth shut about it--the kid had already lost Kiritsugu, so this was probably just going to make things worse without the former Servant's lack of tact.]

Guess it doesn't matter. I've had hangovers ending in more than just a lost couple days--still, does that kind of thing happen often around here? Wouldn't put it past a place like this to screw with us like that just for the hell of it.

Either way, Connla and I are probably leaving Cherrygrove soon. Hell if I want to stick around when Gilgamesh is probably dying to put a knife in my back. Kid, where are you and Rin now?
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[The first thing the video showed was a view of the ceiling of a room in Cherrygrove City. But that only lasted a moment or two, as the Pokegear's owner soon picked it up and focused it on himself. Lancer looked as if he'd just walked in from the rainstorm outside, having just changed to civilian clothes and with his considerably long cobalt hair hanging loosely over one shoulder.]

[There was a smile on his face for a change; not an arrogant smirk, not a playfully mocking grin, but a genuine and sincere smile. Which was in itself a particularly rare event. He wasn't entirely happy about how things had played out, but he wouldn't argue with the end result.]

And you all thought I'd have trouble with him. You must not know me very well.

[And for those that knew just what Lancer had set out to do when last he sent a message to the network, they might have be surprised--there was hardly a single scratch on him. As if Gilgamesh hadn't even laid a hand on the other Servant.]

But we should probably get the hell out of town soon as this rain lets up. He's probably going to be out for my blood at any given second as long as we're here. ...As soon as he can actually walk, that is.

[A pause.]

Oh, yeah. Kid, if you're hearing this, I might have something you'll want to see.
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You know what? I take back everything bad I ever said about this place.

[Lancer is in a very good mood today, Johto. Even if the smile on his face is less of joy and more of bloodlust. Bit creepy, really...but damn is he ever thrilled about something.]

Because I may have just gotten one of the best chances I'll ever get around here. And to all of you that know what I'm talking about; I'm leaving Violet. Neither of us have any weapons, and there's no one better than me in a hand-to-hand fight.

Basically? He's mine this time, and you all know he has it coming.

[As Lancer moved to shut off the Pokegear, he glanced over his shoulder with a smirk.]

Connla. We've got some traveling to do.

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[Lancer probably looked a little worse for wear today; he was more than a little bruised, with bandages covering the worst of countless scrapes and scratches as well as what looked like a splint on his right arm. Despite that, he seemed to be in pretty high spirits--that fight six days ago had been a rematch he'd wanted for a very long time.]

Heh--it's about time I had a good fight around here. [A Houndour walked onscreen and sat down next to him with a yawn, regarding her trainer with a 'what an idiot' sort of look.] Hope nobody in Violet minded that wake-up call a few days ago.

[This is not the face of someone that's going to make any apologies for his crazy offspring.]

Now that we've settled that for now, what else do you humans usually do for fun these days?
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[Three guesses as to who was out of money. Fortunately for Lancer, there was a convenient cafe in Violet City he could work at. Less fortunate was the troublemaking Venonat that enjoyed playing with his Pokegear. Congratulations, 'Kanra', even your eggs are trolls.]

[So today on the network, one could see a heroic spirit in a suit giving a bright smile to every passing cute girl. Same story, different era. The Venonat holding the camera hops around for a bit--possibly having gotten into some coffee--before the video cuts off.]

[A few hours later once his shift had ended, Lancer sent out a couple messages. Look at that, he managed to get the filters working.]

private to Kiritsugu )

private to Rin and Shirou )
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[Well hello there, residents of Johto. On your Pokegear and on Route 30 today, you'll find a certain blue-haired Servant with a broken fishing rod and a very displeased look on his face.]

I can take a lot of things in stride, you know. Timelines all over the place? Sure. Some kind of surreal alternate universe? Fine with me, I've been to stranger places than this. Weird monsters? I've seen worse.

But how the hell does a fishing rod just spontaneously snap in half?

[Life just isn't fair when you have the lowest Luck stat of pretty much anyone in your canon. Isn't it sad--wait, wrong game What he's not saying is how he didn't even catch anything; every time he tried, a Magikarp snapped his line. Annoyed? A tiny bit. He's starting to catch on that the universe might just hate him.]

...I'd ask 'who'd I piss off to deserve this', but I have a feeling it'd be a long list.

[Including quite a few women, a goddess, several armies...the list went on and on, and that wasn't even counting everyone he crossed as a Servant.]

Ah, well. All things considered, guess I can't complain. But if the next fishing rod is this brittle, someone's going to catch hell for it.

Guess it's back to Cherrygrove, at any rate; Olldóiteán, Aigéan, let's go.

[A Houndour and Poliwag could be seen for a moment in the background, Lancer muttering to himself in an annoyed tone of voice before cutting off the video.]
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[The video flickered on to show a man in blue—with a hair color to match—and sharp crimson eyes.]

Listen up, I'm only gonna say all this once. First, someone want to tell me just where my weapon is? [He chose his words somewhat carefully—if this was some weird aspect to the Holy Grail War, best to keep his class a secret for now if he could. Lancer gave the camera a clear look of annoyance, less anger and more 'this is ridiculous' in the expression than anything else.]

Second, anyone know where I can find some normal clothes? [Crossing his arms, he stepped back slightly...making the silver armor worn on his shoulders much more obvious.]

And finally, might as well ask...any of you seen a girl with dark hair in pigtails? Probably in a red sweater or something. She's most likely with some stubborn redheaded kid, too. Goes by the name Tohsaka.


And I mean the girl, not the kid.


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