Jan. 29th, 2016

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[Fumbled with for just a moment, the network was greeted with the mildly distressed growl of a Lucario.. This poor unfortunate creature's name was Tyrfing, and he was in a dire situation. In the background was your average Pokemon Center, with an idiot in a Hawaiian shirt leaning over the counter and smirking at Nurse Joy Sister #241.]

...I'm sorry, what? [Undeterred by the poor woman who was clearly embarrassed on his behalf, Lancer ran a hand through his hair and answered without missing a beat.]

I said, 'do you have any Awakening, because I think I just met the girl of my dreams.'

[This is happening, folks.]

No good? How about 'I think I need a Paralyze Heal, because you are stunning.'

[Meanwhile, if a Lucario could physically make this face, that would be the look Tyrfing currently had.]


When Iā€™m with you, all my cares are Pory-gone. I could Raichu a love song but I'd rather take you on a Magikarp-et ride. Do you know Tail Whip, because you leave me defenseless. You-

[Some people spilled deep secrets when their brain-to-mouth filter broke. Some people were not Cu Chulainn. Finally having enough, Tyrfing gave the camera the most unimpressed look known to Pokemon or mankind, the video moving as he stalked over and dragged his now complaining Trainer out of the building by the back of his shirt.]

[Which was just as well, because the abrupt camera angle change revealed a Chansey directly behind Nurse Joy, with the kind of dead-eyed smile one wore when plotting bloody murder. Is that an Egg Bomb in your pocket or are you just happy to be rid of him?]


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