Oct. 12th, 2015

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[As midnight of the eleventh drew closer and closer, Lancer had been wide awake and staring intently at the clock. There was nothing unusual outside, not a shadow out of place and nothing wrong with the moon. It had been a foolishly paranoid thought to expect anything else; October eleventh was October eleventh, and would pass like every other day of the year.]

[But that didn't stop him from letting out a held breath as a sigh of relief as 11:59 changed to midnight, and as he checked his Pokegear for the date. October twelfth. Just as it was always going to be.]

[Everything was as normal as this world could possibly be.]


Yo. [The next morning, Lancer switched on his Pokegear with a yawn he didn't waste energy stifling.] Once you beat one set of gym leaders, you get to fight the others with better teams, don't you? Anybody around that wants to tell me what I'm in for with that whole thing?


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