Jul. 2nd, 2015

solas_ion: (die lorelei)
[It was funny, almost. Funny how numb one got to a certain kind of pain after feeling it for long enough. Maybe she'd be back, maybe she wouldn't. Maybe a lot of people could show up that never did. Maybe it didn't matter.]

[Lancer exhaled a cloud of smoke from the cigarette in his hand, both he and his Houndoom under a sky lit by only the barest traces of sunrise. Under his shirt, he felt the dull and distant ache of the scar from a wound that had nearly cut him in half some months before. Another day, another unfortunate death.]

[Damn, he thought, crushing his cigarette underfoot. I just have no luck with women.]

[Shrugging, he pushed off the wall he'd been leaning against and pulled a bag over his shoulder, leaving in the direction of Route 39 with the black fire-type trailing behind him. As an afterthought, the knight took his Pokegear out of his shirt pocket and typed out a short message.]

Heading for Mahogany. Anyone out in that direction?


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