May. 6th, 2015

solas_ion: (his fists was raised fury)
...That guy was crazy.

[Lancer stood outside the Cianwood Pokemon center, gesturing over his shoulder to the gym in the background. It was funny how something like that could sound like a shining compliment of one's character, but the knight in the Hawaiian shirt had a huge smile on his face as he said it. Beside him was a Hitmonchan and a Lucario, the latter of which clearly proved the saying about pets resembling their owners. The former simply raised one hand for a congratulatory fistbump from his trainer, which he of course got.]

We're gonna be headin' to the Safari Zone next, if anybody's in the area. Can't say I've seen anyone I know yet, but I guess it's worth asking. I'm kind of liking it around here; nice place to set up a bonfire, actually.

[This is the face of a man that should never be allowed near fire.]

Oh--yeah, that's right. I found a few new guys in the PC when I got here: couple Bunearys, a pink Quagsire, and somethin' called a Flygon. So if anybody's worried about any of those, they're okay.


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