Jan. 15th, 2015

solas_ion: (a spectre has parted us)
I don't know why I ever stopped doing this. [The snowy background today seems to be outside the Ecruteak Gym, with Lancer in a seasonally appropriate oversized jacket--with a secure and comfortable Wartortle poking its head out of the collar. That probably wasn't a standard accessory.] Guess I just got settled in one place too long, y'know?

[As for what 'this' is, Lancer seemed to be tossing a small metallic object to himself in one hand, and that Wartortle was looking awfully pleased with himself.]

But I guess we never did figure out if there was really a point to it, did we? Collect all the badges, nothin' really happens? At least there's some fun to be had out of gettin' them in the first place.

[He shrugged, frowning in what was probably an expression of thought.]

...Guess it'd be annoying if we were just dropped here with nothing interesting to do.


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