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☘ 063; [video]

[We come today to the streets of Saffron City--a bustling cityscape, perhaps the heart of Kanto itself. Or at least one of the lungs, if we're going to include Cealdon too.]

[Look, the Lucario holding the Pokegear is no David Attenboldore, so you'll have to use your imagination on that one. His name is Tyrfing, and he's taken it upon himself to document the anachronism walking the streets chasing after a skittering Kabuto. An anachronism in loose-fitting white clothes, with scruffy blue hair and bright red eyes.]


[A seven-year old anachronism who finally catches up to the Kabuto and scoops it up to hold it at arm's length, tilting his head like he doesn't know what it is or what to do with it. He frowns, tilts it to one side...]

[...and opens a mouth full of too-sharp teeth to bite its shell. Judging by the way he almost immediately dropped the poor scrambling creature in favor of slapping both hands over his mouth, the Kabuto was the one that emerged victorious from that encounter.]

[This episode of Planet Johto concludes with a streak of complaints in a long-dead dialect of what sounded kind of like Irish Gaelic, and a brief flash of an eyerolling Lucario.]

[(responses from [personal profile] puppyofulster as soon as i dust off the journal)]
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*oh look it's a tiny boy with silver hair. Who looks distinctly like he's not even certain he's allowed to use this funny device thing but curiosity is getting the better of him despite his worries anyway*

... Why did you bite it?
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Why did...huh?

[It took him a few minutes, but eventually he made his way to the tree Tyrfing was hiding behind to steal the Pokegear and stick his face onscreen.]

Hello--are you trapped in there?
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Re: Video

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Um, no...

*is it really okay for him to be using this? he's still not sure...*

It shows a picture of someone so that you can talk to them.
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[sure, that makes perfect sense.]

You ain't some kinda faerie?

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Are you?

*because clearly that would be the reason for asking a question like that, right?*
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[A kid about the same age is walking by with an excited Snubbull by his side. His hair looks like it rejects combs with extreme prejudice.]

You can't eat them, dummy.
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What are they good for, then?

[He frowned, folding his arms and paying no attention to the poor Kabuto who seemed to have no idea what to do with himself after such a harrowing experience.]
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[Carter scoffs.] Getting in fights. Don't you know anything?

[His Snubbull flexes and shows off her muscles.]
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That's stupid. I don't need something to fight my battles for me.
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Okay, go ahead, punch rats yourself. See what happens.