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☘ 059; [video]

And one more makes eight. [Says a grinning Lancer (all sharp canines and trouble), tossing a badge to himself in one hand.] Damn, it's just bad luck to have to go up against me with anything flammable. I almost feel bad about that one. [Almost.]

Now that I'm finished here, maybe I can find more of a challenge in Kanto. Don't think I've spent much time there outside of Celadon--wonder if they remember kickin' me out.

[Shrugging, he pocketed the badge without elaborating on that remark. The video tilted slightly as Lancer moved to shut it off, calling over his shoulder 'YO, YOU WANNA GO ON A ROAD TRIP']
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You really have to ask? I could've sworn you knew me better than that.

[Though he was getting an amused round of applause on behalf of his efforts.]

Congratulations, Lancer.
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You don't really think you'd get far if you tried, do you?
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Maybe it is one.

Now that the unfavorable weather seems to be well and truly gone, traveling ought to go a lot more smoothly now, anyway. Did you have a city in mind?
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That depends on what you're interested in: good food, fine clothes, pretty beaches, movie stars, local ghost stories, or the best pies in either region.
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You'll have to tell me more about him sometime. With as much bias as you like.

How about the pies, to start with?
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Saffron City. That's a quick hop back to Goldenrod, then a six-hour ride on a high-speed train. Unless you want to take the long way around?
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None whatsoever.

Do you still want to race there?
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You can buy my first slice of pie.
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I'm not in the business of conceding defeat before I've even begun.
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Ah, so you finally finished the Johto gyms?

*hadn't Lancer been here even longer than Sion...?*
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Hopefully the Kanto ones won't take nearly as long.
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[Greed grins.]

That's pretty impressive. Makes me a little jealous, really.
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[Man, don't challenge him like that...]

When you put it that way, I might have to.
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Congratulations. Only eight more to go before you can earn a cruise ticket of your own!

[Cruise tickets are a good motivator, right?]
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It's not as if these regions have enough ports to be convenient. But a cruise tailored specifically for comfort and relaxation would be more than worth the limited destinations.
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What exactly did you do to get kicked out?

Congratulations, though!
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[He's not going to question why you got yourself kicked out, Lancer, BUUUUT...]

Worst-case scenario, you could try persistent denial. I dunno, something like, "I'm not the guy you remember kicking out, you must be mistaken, I've never seen this place before in my life".
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Maybe not. It depends on a lot of things, but if you don't mind me asking--what did you do?
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[...okay, I mean, it's not like we can really expect otherwise from the dude who literally slept with like, half of Ireland, but it's not like Cecil knows any of that.

Sooo he'll give Lancer the most unsure look ever while internally mulling over why the hell this particular gym leader is named that name]

...that...makes sense?


Okay, she'll still probably kick you out, but maybe you could try apologizing?

I'm not sure what kind of apology to go for here, but I'm also not sure what advice I'm actually qualified to give you.
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Yeah, I'm...not really sure there is a way to recover from that one., as I always say: regret nothing until it's too late.

Then regret everything.
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...kind of, I guess...

I mean, when you compare it to everything else in the universe, I don't really think so?