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☘ 055; [video/action]

[Lancer had actually kind of liked Shirou, all things considered. Maybe they hadn't met under the best of circumstances, but he'd been a pretty decent kid despite everything. (Lancer didn't really buy into the idea of holding a grudge against your enemies.)]

[Maybe they weren't friends in the strictest definition of the word, but they had always gotten along. There was one four-day loop in that weirdly twisted Fuyuki where he remembered the kid asking about his legend, and talking about it had been a pretty nice way to pass an afternoon.]

[But between the fact that they were just close acquaintances and the fact that he was used to people disappearing, Lancer wasn't too torn up about Shirou Emiya's departure from Johto.]

[It didn't matter, because he knew someone that was.]

[For what it's worth I'm not going anywhere, Arturia.]

[For now...that was certain. Maybe it would change tomorrow, or next week, or next month, but Cu Chulainn wasn't much for thinking that far ahead. He was here today, and because he was here neither Saber nor himself were alone. Now he just had to show her that the Hound of Ulster didn't go down without a fight.]


[It was a shiny Pichu that turned on the Pokegear today, fiddling with it from where it had been discarded on the floor. He seemed content to pull ridiculous faces into the camera for a minute or two, before a woman's voice rang out and sent him hiding under the backpack just barely in frame.]

This is where the real battle begins!

[Lancer--terrible shirt and all--stood beside an exhausted Zweilous, thrown back from the force of their opponent's last attack. Clair threw back her cape with a flourish, the Dragonite beside her scratched up but clearly ready for more. Making sure his own dragon wasn't seriously injured, Lancer called her back and faced the gym leader with a smirk.]

Afraid you're wrong, young lady. You put up a good fight--a damn good fight, the toughest so far. I wasn't going to do this, but I can't afford to lose today. So I'll take that heart of yours-...

[He shook his head, pausing while he tossed his third and final Pokeball to himself.]

--ah, sorry. I used to say that a lot before I did this.

[That smirk immediately turned to a grin that could just about be called 'feral', full of sharp canines and the adrenaline rush of a good battle. The Pokeball was thrown into the air with a blinding light and-]

Gáe Bolg--!

[The floor shook as something large, solid, and entirely metallic landed soundly upon it, with the deafening roar of a Steelix. Frantically trying to hide further under the nearby backpack, the troublemaking Pichu kicked the Gear and cut off the video.]
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...Oh, you're fighting her.

Hey, did you win?
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[As well it should be, frankly.]

'Cause you shouldn't ever lose to her. Ever. She's a jerk.
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She'll kick you out of places if you're not wearing shoes. Or if she doesn't like your shoes. She's the shoe police.
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...What's wrong with her legs?
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[...congratulations on getting the one person in the universe who legitimately doesn't.]

...Then why'd she kick you?
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...Nnnnnn...mmmmmyes? Maybe?


Hey, how much money does she give you for winning?
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That's pretty good. More than the other gyms.
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Yeah, I guess. Hey, do you think it's her own money that you're getting, or is there like a gym leader bank that they pay out of?
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Maybe she just has a lot of money.

...Like a lot of money.
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I wonder where the bank is, then.
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[ Even if she is giving most of her attention to Lancer's battle, she does take note of the frightened Pichu. Reaching underneath to try to pull it out as to not accidentally discharge any of Lancer's gear (or leave it with enough static that it'll shock him), any Pokemon that's compliant will receive the pleasure of sitting in the king's lap. Shh shh, little one. The Hound of Ulster was putting on a show.

Sitting obediently beside her is her other hound, an overly energetic Growlithe who can hardly stand sitting in place. He'll howl every time Lancer's Pokemon land a hit and everything, panting heavily otherwise.

... there's probably a puddle of drool forming underneath his jaw too. What a pal.
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That it was. [ She brought up her hands to clap properly once the Pichu leaves her lap. Meanwhile Saber's Growlithe is all too eager for more pets as he rubs his head underneath the man's palm. ]

How many badges does that make now, Cu Chulainn?
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You did. [ Normally she might try to push away the thought of food, but he does know how to make her capable of coping with the loss. It isn't the first time they've had to do this and besides that, Saber's not known for turning away food even at her worst. ]

Mahogany Town is the one full of ninja, right? How strange... we used to have a number of individuals who claimed to be ninjas here in Johto.

My Pokemon used to be able to brave the waters, but now... [ BUT NOW SHE DOESN'T HAVE THEM. ]
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[ Once she's all packed up and ready to go, the pup weaves himself around both of their legs excitedly, all too eager to get going. Nothing like the hunting hounds Saber was used to in Britain. ]

Uathach is-? [ It's taking her some time to remember every Pokemon on his roster. ]
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Cecil has become an admirable breeder, has he not? [ It's strange how different it was to years ago when it was Saber breeding Pokemon everywhere and his own were reluctant.

At least that's what she remembers.

... her memory hasn't been the kindest to her lately.
] I have not met many of your Pokemon, Cu Chulainn.
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We will. [ Admittedly she's in no hurry to cross a sea since swimming isn't her strongest skill. ]

Crossing the sea will be safe... will it not?
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While others have taught me to swim, I do not think my skill worthy enough of saving me in the waves of the sea. If we were attacked and thrown off of Uathach...

[ It'd be embarrassing for her, is what she's getting at. Possibly disastrous. ]
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Worrying! [ She blurts the word out as if she's offended he thought that she was... even if she was doing just that. ]

In the past, I was able to rely on my own Pokemon to help me. Having to rely on... a person...

[ It's a new and frightening experience. ]
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No. I, I, I am phrasing things poorly!

[ Whatever certainty she had in her voice was gone, the regal nature completely replaced with the bluster of a high school girl. ]

I would appreciate it if you could look after me just in case the tide is against us or something foul goes wrong. I... trust you?
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As you say. [ Which means she won't worry about it as much. (She'll still worry because she's Arturia Pendragon and that's her specialty though it'll be a little less.) ]

You were saying about dinner?