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☘ 054; [video]

Yo. We're back in Goldenrod for a little while--long enough to stock up on supplies, all that kind of thing.

[Grinning like an idiot, Lancer offered the camera a small wave.]

Looks like we're gettin' the usual 'sudden egg from nowhere' thing again, huh? [He gestured vaguely over his shoulder, to where a Houndoom was curled up apparently guarding an egg. Shrugging like this wasn't unusual (to him, it really wasn't by now), Lancer brushed the topic aside with that casual mention and moved on.]

...I ain't sure what's wrong, so I thought I'd ask--Avalon's been actin' weird since we were training yesterday. Anybody ever seen anythin' like this before?

[He pointed to the little yellow Swablu perched atop his head; her cheeks were puffed out and she seemed to be shaking--vibrating, really. It was like she was desperately holding something back, waiting for the exact opportune moment.]

Well, anyway...Merry Christmas or whatever you guys like to call i--

[And that seemed to be the key phrase. In a flash of light and explosion of cotton, the tiny two pound bird turned into a long-necked golden forty-five pound monstrosity of fluff.]

[All of which was still directly on Lancer's head, the drastic change knocking him out of frame and flat onto the floor in a long string of pained cursing.]

[Merry Christmas, Lancer!]
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*...having raised a swablu/altaria himself, well, suffice it to say that Sion's amused*

Well, it would seem you've already found the answer to your question.
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Re: Video

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Perhaps she wanted to show off?
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Re: Video

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Well, to earn your praise, perhaps, or as a demonstration of affection...
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Re: Video

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That's certainly a possibility. She does appear to be fond of you, as far as I can tell.
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...She managed to hold in her evolution for a full day? That's very impressive. How do your neck and spine feel?

[He's 99.9% certain they're mostly fine, but better safe than sorry.]
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If that were the case, you'd have been teleported to the Pokémon Center by now. Unless this world does not consider those fatal injuries.

[That, he almost expects at this point.]
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Certainly, though your ability to stand up does give me hope that you'll be fine. How quickly do you think Avalon will learn that she is now too large for such displays of affection?

[For some reason, he's assuming she's not quite done learning yet.]
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...She surely will. It took Rosie less than two weeks, and that was without the help of such a... pained reaction. I've no doubt she does not wish to harm you further.
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[...okay yeah he was going to comment more on the egg thing but first things first]

Er... you okay?
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[Ryner winces in sympathy a little, because if you've had worse, he can relate. Considering, you know, his Clefairy who beats him up on a regular basis, among other things.

Instead, he'll try to address the Altaria.]

Ahh, hey, er... Avalon, right? The Altaria. Think you could get off your trainer's head there?
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[thank you birdie]

I can only imagine... I'm guessing she's always liked sitting on your head?
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Maybe there's something else you can find that she can roost on. That isn't your head.
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[ Someone's already dressed up for the holiday (she's fortunate her wardrobe didn't disappear), so when she steps in to find him on the floor underneath the fluffiest thing ever, she pauses instantly.

The king is speechless.
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If it was broken, you would be incapable of speaking. [ Saber comments as she squats down to inspect fluff up close. ]

When did you acquire this one? I do not recall her.
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[ Since he's on the ground half-dead, why not? He won't be able to witness her just burying her face in the fluff as she hugs her. This is truly the atmosphere of Avalon itself..!! ]

You cannot recall? That is awful!

[ She would shoot him a judgmental look, but too busy nuzzling fluff. ]
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[Have a newbie staring at you in a mix of wonder, alarm and laughter, buddy.]

Wow! What happened?

Are you okay?
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[This is amazing and super concerning all at once.]

Um, can you get her to move?

Hey, birdy, you're hurting him ...
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[Molly gapes at the bird for a moment - it's so huge! - and her Natu pokes her head into the screen too to observe.]

What happened? Birds don't do that.
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[say what now]

Evolution doesn't work like that.
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[ Don't mind the look of confusion. ]

You mean this happened before?
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I've only been here a year and already I feel like I've seen everything...

[ Then the thing with the Falls happened, and the Goomies and now these mystery eggs... but back to the matter at hand. ]

Are you okay though? Your Altaria's... [ uh... ] something.
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Well... she looks pretty attached to you.

[ He's trying to be helpful here. ]

So... three years. That's a pretty long time to be here. I thought the sudden goomy invasion was the weirdest things get.
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[ Yeeeeah soul-stealing hits a little close to home. He's just gonna have to be wary about that. ]

Guess you really can't say you've seen everything... looks like it goes between harmless and dangerous without warning.
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hopefully there are no casualties though ]

Y--yo...! You okay? She didn't break anythin' did she?

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... uh...

D--do I gotta call for someone? Or can your Pokemon...?