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Lancer || Cu Chulainn ([personal profile] solas_ion) wrote2014-07-15 08:13 am

☘ 048; [action/video]

[It's summer in Goldenrod, and that means the flower shops are alive and kicking! Outside of one was a particularly friendly part-time worker in an apron. He smiled cheerfully and spoke to anyone passing by that would put up with him

[With him was an Audino, who had apparently taken the important duty of making daisy chains with the utmost concentration. When one was finished, she offered it to whoever walked out of the store next with a big and infectious smile before going right back to work on another. Audinos, am I right?]


[Sometime in the afternoon, Lancer's Pokegear broadcast a view of the well-kept flower shop display in front of him, with his own dumb smile in the foreground.]

So I picked up a job at this little shop in Goldenrod--it's pretty nice, y'know? Guinevere seems to get a kick out of it, at least. Anybody wants to come by, I'll see if I can get you a good deal on something nice.

[Lancer looked offscreen at the sound of an Audino trying to get his attention; leaning over to pick her up and bring her into frame, she immediately dropped a daisy chain on his head and looked very proud of herself. Having lost any and all semblance of being any thing approaching cool, Lancer tried to stop himself from looking embarrassed.]

Jeez, Gwen, I didn't think I needed one...

[Trying to spare himself anything further, the feed quickly cut out.]

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